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ManpowerGroup Business Ethics Hotline

The Audit Committee of the Board of Directors of ManpowerGroup has established procedures to communicate with directors and management. To facilitate these communications, the company provides access to the ManpowerGroup Business Ethics Hotline, a 24-hour secure hotline available to employees and the general public to report suspected, planned or actual violations of the ManpowerGroup Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, the law or any other workplace misconduct.

Individuals may use the hotline, at the numbers listed below, or the website ( to submit a complaint regarding accounting, internal accounting controls, or auditing matters, among other issues; or to communicate with the non-management directors of the company. 

If calling from the United States: 1-800-210-3458

For all other countries, please go to and locate the country you are calling from, dial the access number and wait for the tone or prompt and then dial 800-210-3458.  For your convenience, we have included the direct access numbers for certain countries below:

  • France: 0800-91-3677
  • Australia: 1-800-45-7897
  • Germany: 0-800-225-5288
  • Italy: 800-788619
  • Japan: 00531-11-4974
  • Mexico: 001-888-264-2295
  • Netherlands: 0800-022-9111
  • Spain: 900-99-1064
  • Sweden: 020-79-9107
  • United Kingdom: 0808-101-2196
  • Russia: 495-937-3373