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Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

ManpowerGroup Code of Business Conduct and Ethics


The purpose of our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (“Code”) is to provide guidance to all of our colleagues and partners on the conduct of our business according to the highest ethical standards. By adhering to the Code, we uphold our Values and Attributes. Our Company’s brand and reputation is best known for its trustworthiness — an attribute that we intend to uphold in all that we do. ManpowerGroup has grown and prospered with a culture of honesty, integrity and accountability and we believe that this culture remains a strong competitive advantage for us. As a guide, the Code contributes to our future success by helping to maintain this culture. This Code also helps in the effective promotion and protection of our Brand and our various stakeholders. It helps to focus everyone on areas of ethical risk, provides guidance in recognizing and dealing with ethical issues and provides mechanisms to report unethical conduct without fear of retribution.

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics promotes honest and ethical conduct throughout the organization, as well as provides a mechanism to report unethical conduct via the ManpowerGroup Ethics Hotline to help preserve the culture of honesty and accountability throughout the company.

Arabic [PDF, 11.8 MB]
Czech [PDF, 11.8 MB]
Dutch [PDF, 11.8 MB]
French [PDF, 11.8 MB]
German [PDF, 11.8 MB]
Hebrew [PDF, 11.9 MB]
Hungarian [PDF, 11.8 MB]
Italian [PDF, 11.8 MB]
Japanese [PDF, 12.1 MB]
Korean [PDF, 11.8 MB]
Norwegian [PDF, 11.8 MB]
Polish [PDF, 11.8 MB]
Portuguese (Brazil) [PDF, 11.8 MB]
Portuguese (EU) [PDF, 11.8 MB]
Russian [PDF, 11.8 MB]
Slovakian [PDF, 11.8 MB]
Spanish (Latin America) [PDF, 11.8 MB]
Spanish (EU) [PDF, 11.8 MB]
Swedish [PDF, 11.8 MB]
Thai [PDF, 11.8 MB]
Turkish [PDF, 11.8 MB]
Vietnamese [PDF, 12.0 MB]