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ManpowerGroup Leaders Discuss the Importance of an Agile Workforce Strategy to Seize Transient Competitive Advantage at the World Economic Forum 2015 Annual Meeting

DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan. 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- ManpowerGroup (NYSE: MAN), the world's workforce expert and World Economic Forum (WEF) strategic partner, will lead discussions at the WEF Annual Meeting this week asserting that companies need an agile workforce strategy to seize competitive advantage.


"Seven years ago at Davos, ManpowerGroup identified the Human Age: a new and unpredictable era where talent replaces capital as the key economic differentiator," said Jonas Prising, ManpowerGroup CEO. "The external environment companies operate in is now more dynamic than ever, driven by fast-paced, technology-enabled change and uneven economic recovery. At the annual WEF Meeting in Davos this year, I'll be advising CEOs that in this environment an agile workforce strategy is key to success. Employers need to have the right people and the right structures in place to take advantage of what is happening in the market. Businesses that can strategically source, manage and develop talent will be able to innovate and seize emerging growth opportunities."

In a letter to CEOs, ManpowerGroup outlines three critical action points that will help business leaders align their business strategy with talent strategy in 2015.

  • Encourage an agile mind-set and develop a flexible workforce
  • Identify and invest in underutilized talent pools
  • Develop a culture of life-long learning and ensure faster 'time-to-value.'

Prising will be joined at Davos by Jeffrey Joerres, ManpowerGroup Executive Chairman; Mara Swan, Executive Vice President, Global Strategy and Talent; and Hans Leentjes, President of Northern Europe. Joerres chairs the Global Agenda Council on the Future of Jobs, Swan co-chairs the Global Agenda Council on Gender Parity and Leentjes sits on the Global Agenda Council on Migration. Global Agenda Councils are comprised of the world's leading experts and each addresses a specific issue to provide new thinking and solutions.

ManpowerGroup Executives will join participants from 140 countries representing business, government, academia and civil society to discuss solutions to some of the world's most pressing issues, including the future of jobs, bridging the gender gap and youth unemployment.

Follow @JonasPrising, @ManpowerGroupJJ, @MaraSwan, @HansLeentjes and @ManpowerGroup on Twitter and look for ManpowerGroup's official hashtag #HumanAge for updates and news.

ManpowerGroup executives will lead the following WEF sessions:

  • When Women Thrive, Businesses Win, Wednesday, 21 January, 07:00-09:00 CET The link between women's participation in the workforce and economic growth is clear, yet women continue to be underrepresented in the workforce around the world. Session participants will outline solutions to bridge the gender gap in business.
  • 21st Century Corporation, Wednesday, 21 January, 10:30-11:30 CET Global business leaders will discuss how adapting to a changing workforce and consumer behavior, adopting disruptive technologies and anticipating shifts in societal expectations and political priorities can help ensure organizations thrive in the new global context.
  • The Digital Divide, Wednesday, 21 January, 19:30-22:00 CET The panel The Digital Divide: Be on the Right Side of History will feature insights from leading CEOs on how their organizations are making digital technology the basis for driving performance and competitive advantage and addressing talent management challenges in an increasingly complex environment.
  • The Future of Jobs, Thursday, 22 January, 08:45-10:30 CET This session will explore technological, demographic and economic trends which are leading to profound changes in the nature of work, displacing existing jobs due to automation and creating new ones that require new training and education models.
  • Nudging the Business Gender Gap, Friday, 23 January, 08:00-09:45 CETParticipants will share insights on key trends and vast differences in how businesses bridge the gender gap, how the trends vary by industry and geography and the opportunities and challenges they present.
  • Employment: Mind the Gap?, Friday, 23 January 12:30- 14:00 CETCompensation for top jobs increases while mechanization and offshoring erode middle-wage jobs. Capital and income inequality are on the rise and the trend shows no signs of abating. As 42 million people strive to join the workforce every year, panelists will discuss solutions for the future of work.
  • Talent and the Internet of Things, Friday, 23 January, 16:00-16:30 CET In a live broadcast, panelists will discuss the impact of the latest wave of digital innovation on productivity, jobs, economic growth and how it is driving the reinvention of business sectors.

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