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Why This Matters

Trust and transparency in the workplace have moved from aspiration to expectation almost overnight. And as technology continues to disrupt, unprecedented access to data and information brings increasing ethical challenges for organizations to manage.

After more than a decade of talent shortages,1 even in the COVID-19 era skilled talent is in high demand and there are more options than ever for people with sought-after skills. A purpose-driven, ethical culture is a key differentiator for employers to attract the best talent. 

At the same time, being recognized as a leader in ethical business practices has a direct impact on company value with reputation now responsible for an average of 38% of market capitalization.2 High ethical standards are a differentiator for clients and customers too – in a world of complex global supply chains, transparency has become an expectation of doing business. 

As a company whose purpose is to connect people with meaningful and sustainable work, we understand the importance of trust and transparency. We are proud to set a high standard for our industry. In 2020, we were recognized by Ethisphere as a World’s Most Ethical Company for the 11th time — the only company in our industry to earn this distinction. Our extensive global reach – working across more than 75 countries with hundreds of thousands of employers — gives us the opportunity to promote and advocate for the highest ethical standards for business conduct and responsible employment across regions and industries around the world.

Our Impact


  • 30,000+ employees completed 60,400+ hours of training on our Code of Conduct, cyber security and data privacy and other standards for ethical and responsible business
  • Publicly provided Global Ethics Hotline for guidance and reporting to all employees
  • Shared Cyber Safe at Home tips with all employees to strengthen defenses while working remote
  • Achieved key recognitions including being named a World’s Most Ethical Company by Ethisphere for the 11th year; named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the 12th year; and Platinum, Gold and Silver EcoVadis ratings in more than 20 countries and at Global level
  • Established Executive Steering Committee with oversight and accountability for global ESG strategy and progress
  • Published our stakeholder engagement model and reported on issues most material to us and where we can make the most impact
  • Completed 10th CDP response and aligned reporting to Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Sustainability Accounting Board (SASB) and World Economic Forum IBC Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics reporting frameworks
  • Published global Human Rights Policy to reinforce our industry leadership to advocate for ethical recruitment practices, employment flexibility balanced with security, and opportunities for under-represented and vulnerable populations to develop in-demand skills and participate in the formal economy
See more on our latest progress in our 2021 ESG Report, Working to Change the World.


Our strong and comprehensive global Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (“Code”) sets the tone for everyone we work with, from internal staff to suppliers and partners. Given our global footprint, the Code is available in over 20 languages, making it accessible to all employees and stakeholders around the world.


All our employees regularly train on our Code and other issue-specific policies, including anti-corruption, fair competition, information security and data privacy. We focus on ensuring training is understandable, realistic and relevant to the situations people face every day. In 2019, we enhanced mobile access to policies and training, making it even easier for our people to stay current with our standards.


We regularly refresh training to address emerging risks or changes in regulations. For example, we enhanced our data protection, privacy and cyber security training in anticipation of the General Data Protection Regulation, educating and empowering every individual to take responsibility for information security and privacy. We reinforce data privacy and cybersecurity training through frequent campaigns and executive messaging at company-wide virtual townhall meetings.


We reinforce and promote our culture of ethical behavior by fostering a work environment that encourages colleagues and associates to raise ethical concerns without fear of retaliation. Our Global Ethics Hotline is available anytime from anywhere, for anyone to report issues or seek guidance. We also encourage our people to bring concerns directly to their managers, and we train managers on creating work environments that help people feel safe in reporting their concerns.


The ManpowerGroup Annual People Survey (MAPS) gives us an annual ethical health-check. Employees are asked if they trust the organization to treat them fairly, if they feel people are treated with respect and if the guidelines on ethical practices are clear to them. We also source feedback on tone from the top and the example set by management, whether they know how to report ethical concerns, and if they feel they can do this without fear of retaliation. These questions are among the highest scoring on the survey, confirming that we are succeeding in creating a trusted and ethical culture. MAPS results are reported to our Board of Directors, and we ensure every team receives their results while managers are held accountable to address any concerns.


Through our leadership activity with the World Employment Confederation we continually advocate the role that our industry plays in promoting fair recruitment practices and upholding high standards for employment.

Our strategic partnership with the World Economic Forum also enables us to elevate the conversation about ethical, responsible and sustainable work to a world stage alongside other leaders and decision makers outside our organization and beyond our industry.

Over the last few years, our leaders have promoted ethics and integrity in a variety of forums, including Ethisphere’s Global Ethics Summit, the ILO/UN Conference on Trade and Development, the G100 Economic Consensus Meeting, the World Employment Conference on Labour Dynamics in the Digital Age, Tripartite Alliance for Fair & Progressive Employment Practices Conference, the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, the National Association of Corporate Directors Global Leaders Summit and the World Economic Forum Sustainable Development Impact Summit.

1 ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey, ManpowerGroup, 2020