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Why This Matters

Human capital management is at the core of our business and is how we create value for individuals, organizations and communities. Every year, we connect millions of people to meaningful work across a wide variety of skills and industries, helping to power the success of organizations around the world while providing individuals with opportunities to build skills for the future and achieve their potential.

Today, organizations are transforming faster than they ever imagined possible, with shifts to remote working and digitization happening practically overnight in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Even before the pandemic, technical and human skills demands were changing faster than organizations could predict: in January 2020, 54% of companies globally said they cannot find the skills they need — almost double what it was a decade ago.1 By March 2020, we were seeing the biggest workforce shift and reallocation of skills since World War II,2 with skills needs shifting from aviation and hospitality to driving, retail, healthcare and information security at an unprecedented scale. And despite soaring levels of unemployment, acute skills shortages — in cyber security, software development and data analysis for example — continue unabated, reinforcing the need for a Skills Revolution,3 now more than ever.

The COVID health crisis, now an economic and social crisis, is disproportionately impacting some communities – especially people of color and other minorities — in infection rates and deaths, furloughs and job losses. Organizations have work to do to address the potential acceleration of this bifurcation as remote working becomes a norm for white-collar workers while essential and blue-collar workers are required to show up and take more risk for less gain. We must all play a role in closing the skills gap and unleashing the potential of all people.

“We believe organizations need to be part of the solution to address the polarization, unrest and racism that is playing out in many of our communities and countries. When our society is broken for some, it is eventually broken for all of us.

We are confident that ManpowerGroup is uniquely positioned and able to help our clients and candidates succeed now and in the longer-term. We will contribute solutions within our field of expertise, which is providing meaningful and sustainable employment for millions of people across the world by matching their aspirations and skills with companies needing to become more agile and competitive.

We are committed to delivering on our values to making workplaces more equitable and more inclusive, and to ensuring organizations, individuals and communities can emerge from this crisis stronger, more skilled, more competitive and more successful than ever before.”

~ Jonas Prising, Chairman & CEO, July 2020

Our Impact


  • Reached 60,000 associates across 14 markets per month through our MyPath® program helping people boost their employability and earning potential; and scaled to impact 115,800 lives in Q1 2021
  • Transformed 2,700 recruiters into MyPath® Talent Agents, combining their recruiting expertise with data-driven insights to provide elevated coaching, mentoring and assessment to our associates
  • Partnered with JA Worldwide to deliver mentoring and upskilling to get young people ready for work – impacting 8000 students directly across 26 European countries
  • Invested 424,400+ hours and $10M+ in employee training
  • Upskilled employees and associates via our powerYOU platform with 1.3 million courses taken by 105,000+ people
  • Boosted nextgen sales skills of 1,345 employees through Sales Academy
  • Accelerated our Emerging Leader Experience, tracking promotion and mobility rates of our future leaders
  • Scaled our Experis Career Accelerator® with partner FutureFit AI to map 30,000 IT skills and 10,000 jobs to identify personalized pathways for 25 in-demand tech roles
See more on our latest progress in our 2021 ESG Report, Working to Change the World.

Developing People Capabilities for the Skills Revolution

Our success in creating value for individuals and organizations around the world depends on our ability to unleash the potential of our own people. Creating a culture of learnability. Developing our people’s skills and capabilities. Curating upskilling opportunities. Attracting and developing diverse talent. Fostering an inclusive and resilient culture that values the contribution and wellbeing of every person. Building a talented leadership team to drive the transformation of our business. And all of this begins at home, across our 26,000-strong talented team in over 75 countries.


We continue to invest in building a talented leadership team to drive the transformation of our business and unleash the talent of our people. During 2019, we enhanced our Executive Leadership Team bringing in strong strategic and operational leadership capabilities. And we refined our Leadership Success Model to ensure we are developing leaders who are not just good operators, but also have the skills and capabilities to unleash potential, identify and nurture high performers, prioritize diversity and inspire the highest integrity.


Our Emerging Leader Experience is a rigorous two-year program designed to rapidly develop high potential individuals to become our next global leaders. The program combines workshops and coaching with company executives and tailored coursework from Harvard Business School with individual psychometric assessments, development planning, stretch assignments and high-impact mentoring. Each cohort is geographically diverse and gender balanced – nearly 50% are female — and we track promotion and mobility rates to measure the effectiveness of the program.


Employability, resilience and success in today’s world of work requires continuous upskilling, reskilling and a collaborative learning culture. Learning (education) includes assessment to identify strengths and opportunities and formal training to develop skills and capabilities. While all our employees have access to on-demand learning, a great deal of their development comes from experience and exposure — activities and projects to apply and continue developing skills (experience), supported by ongoing coaching and guidance from managers, peers and mentors (exposure).

A blurred image of two workers meeting to discuss Developing Our People Capabilities for the Skills Revolution


We know that people want the opportunity to develop skills on the job – this kind of learning ranks among the top five priorities for workers of all ages, genders and geographies.4 And free training opportunities at work correlate with higher job satisfaction too.

That’s why we continue to invest in PowerYOU, our global skills portal, providing access to thousands of microlearning opportunities on-demand for our 28,000 employees and the millions of associates that work for us throughout the year. Customized ManpowerGroup content combined with our Skillsoft™ library is curated for in-demand skills so our people can develop the capabilities they need to stay relevant today and keep learning for the future.

We designated 2019 the Year of Learning. Guided by dedicated, personalized learning pathways with a focus on digital and soft skills, 78% of our staff worldwide upskilled to develop the digital and human capabilities of benefit to them and our business. And nearly 62,500 of our associates also took advantage of PowerYOU to learn and upgrade their skills too.

During COVID-19 shutdowns, we ensured that furloughed staff and associates could continue to benefit from free access to online training, so they could build their skills and enhance their employability as we emerge from the crisis. Through our relationship with Skillsoft, we also facilitated 60 days of complimentary access for candidates to thousands of online learning experiences


We are also investing in upskilling our own Recruiters — nearly 3000 have transformed their role to become Talent Agents, experts in assessment, data and coaching, so they can provide candidates personalized guidance to develop for future roles, creating a pipeline of skilled talent to our clients at a time when skills needs are changing faster than ever. And as remote working became the overnight norm during the COVID-19 pandemic, we swiftly upskilled our Sales teams in remote selling conversion courses to ensure we can continue to serve our clients and provide workforce solutions in this challenging environment. Our global Sales Academies will continue to build these capabilities in our people to benefit our clients and candidates in the future.

Our commitment to helping people adapt for future jobs extends beyond our employees to associates and candidates, and our workforce solutions increasingly position us as a creator of talent at scale, providing tailored learning, development and upskilling opportunities, while advancing the careers of hundreds of thousands of individuals.

Last year we rapidly expanded one of our key innovation initiatives, MyPath, to 14 markets as of Q1 2021, reaching more than 120,000 people. MyPath provides people with career advancement and skills development for growth sectors in IT, sales and finance, and increased earning potential through fast-track learning, on the job training and certification. Already driving operational efficiencies and added value, MyPath is delivering faster and higher placement rates, increased re-assignment rates, better skilled, better utilized and more motivated, increasingly loyal associates. As ManpowerGroup advocates, our associates are referring others to our brands and driving significant improvements in our Net Promoter Score for candidates and clients.

Through our ManpowerGroup Academies we are providing opportunities for individuals to develop skills and certifications for in-demand roles in IT, engineering, logistics and digital manufacturing. We now have Manpower and Experis Academies in 10 key markets – including Australia, Belgium, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, UK, and the U.S. – where we are helping thousands develop the skills our clients increasingly need.


Listening to our people is key to supporting an inclusive and resilient culture. Through annual and regular pulse surveys we can understand employee sentiment around various items from the effectiveness of our people and culture strategy, to leadership, ethics and values and development opportunities. For nearly 15 years, the ManpowerGroup Annual People Survey has given every employee around the world the opportunity to voice their opinion and provide critical feedback on what we’re doing well and where we can improve. We analyze results to identify actions we can take to enhance our global strategy, and also ensure that leaders and managers have the tools to develop action plans with their local teams.

More recently in light of COVID-19, we have been able to consult real-time to understand how our people feel about remote working, productivity, returning to and reimagining the workplace, wellbeing and more, and to turn real-time results into clear communications and action plans.


To create a work environment where all individuals are respected and valued and can contribute fully to the organization’s success, we must enable our people with tools and resources to support their wellbeing so they can perform at their best. Ensuring our people have access to health insurance, paid time off and parental leave is just a start. Our wellness initiatives around the world also support physical fitness and financial and emotional health. And even before COVID-19, we have been investing in technology that supports flexible work schedules and remote working for many of our staff.

When we transitioned more than 80% of our staff to remote working over 10 days to flatten the curve of COVID-19 transmission, we provided additional tools, technology and training so our people could stay safe and productive. Flexible and reduced hours and leaves of absence have allowed our people to prioritize personal and family responsibilities. And we’re leveraging our virtual collaboration technology in new ways to support our people, with a Global Wellbeing Resource Center to share best practices and a new TeamsBuddy app fostering connections and friendships between colleagues around the world.

Jonas and Becky walking


We’ve always encouraged our people to take time out from work to volunteer in the community, to develop their skills and increase their adaptability while creating deeper connections both within and outside the organization. Our volunteer initiatives align with the three pillars of our Sustainability Plan and focus on preparing young people to enter the workforce, upskilling and reskilling for long-term employability, and fostering diversity and inclusion at work. Through global and national partnerships with organizations like Junior Achievement and United Way, local community investment initiatives, and service on local boards and committees, our people are supporting our communities every day. With COVID-19 lockdowns, we’ve taken many of our signature volunteer initiatives virtual, and will continue to adapt to as we emerge.

Creating Social Impact Through Upskilling

We believe meaningful, sustainable employment has the power to change the world. That’s why we partner with hundreds of public and private organizations around the world to develop programs that provide access to employment for as many people as possible. Our programs are designed to develop the in-demand skills and talent that organizations need to fuel their growth, while addressing diversity and inclusion challenges in our local markets and helping individuals overcome barriers to employment. This is how we deliver on our purpose in the 75+ markets where we operate, and some examples are illustrated here.

Performance Data


Employee Engagement Index score1 60% 59% 62%
Collaborative Country Index score1 82% 82% 84%
Fast & Agile Index score1 76% 75% 76%
Performance-based Culture Index score1 79% 80% 81%
Trusted & Ethical Culture Index score1 79% 79% 80%
Diverse & Inclusive Culture Index score1 84% 85%
Development & Career Index score1 73% 74% 75%
Investment in employee development (million $USD)2 $15 $17 $15
Average hours in formal training (per person)2 22 22 18
Courses taken on PowerYOU 72,000 170,000 232,000
Employees participating in formal skills training2 74% 82% 96%
Employees developing through experience and exposure3 74% 75% 77%
Management and leadership roles filled by internal promotion2 55% 52% 48%
Total turnover – at all levels2, 4 24% 27% 25%
Voluntary turnover – at all levels2, 4 16% 19% 17%
Total turnover – management level and above2 16% 17% 16%
Voluntary turnover – management level and above2 10% 10% 10%

Global Workforce Demographics
Asia Pacific & Middle East 13%
Europe 58%
North America 15%
Latin America 15%
18-35 45%
36-49 39%
50+ 16%
Senior Leadership1 1%
Leadership 4%
Field & Functional Management 16%
Individual Contributor 79%

Global & U.S. Diversity
2017 2018 2019 2017 2018 2019
Board of Directors 42% 45% 45% 18% 18% 18%
Executive Management 20% 25% 27% 20% 20% 33%
Senior Leadership5 33% 36% 37% 10% 10% 13%
All management roles 57% 56% 59% 15% 15% 15%
All levels 69% 64% 64% 22% 23% 24%
New hires6 65% 49% 32% 34% 34%
Promotions6 67% 69% 55% 19% 19%
Global & U.S. Diversity
2017 2018 2019
Board of Directors 42% 45% 45%
Executive Management 20% 25% 27%
Senior Leadership5 33% 36% 37%
All management roles 57% 56% 59%
All levels 69% 64% 64%
New hires6 65% 49%
Promotions6 67% 69% 55%
2017 2018 2019
Board of Directors 18% 18% 18%
Executive Management 20% 20% 33%
Senior Leadership5 10% 10% 13%
All management roles 15% 15% 15%
All levels 22% 23% 24%
New hires6 32% 34% 34%
Promotions6 19% 19%



Unless otherwise noted, all data is representative of 100% of worldwide employee population
1 Percentage of employees responded favorably to all Index indicators on the ManpowerGroup Annual People Survey
2 In key markets representing approximately 80% of worldwide employee population and revenues
3 As reported via the ManpowerGroup Annual People Survey
4 A significant percentage of our roles are entry level, and we expect a high level of turnover as these jobs are typically a pathway to other careers
5 Includes Executive Management, global function leaders, and key market leadership teams
6 Global gender data from key markets representing approximately 80% of worldwide employee population

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